Home Automation

Home Automation

A smart home system can improve your lifestyle by enhancing the way you interact with your home. At Drewry Electrical we can install automatic lights, door locks, security cameras, blinds and shades, thermostats, and more. Home automation brings ultimate convenience and luxury into your home.
Convenience for Home Owners
How many times have you been outside, or driving, and started to wonder if you had turned off all the lights, closed all the windows, or turn off all the taps? That happens to all of us, and the smart home apps really came to the rescue. You can now be away from home, but still checking on your security or simply lighting up the place to make it appear occupied, with just a few simple touches on your phone screen. Also, if you forget to turn something off, there’s no worry. You can do that remotely.

Lighting For Home Security

As part of custom home improvement, integrating a lighting system into your smart-grid home system can illuminate your indoor and outdoor lighting automatically to make your home more welcoming, inviting and safer. Ideally, your lighting system will be linked up conveniently with your door locks.

Energy Efficiency

When your home is automated, it is more energy efficient because you can remotely turn off any systems and appliances when they aren’t in use. When you are only using lights, appliances and other systems when they are needed, you should start to see your utility bills decrease.