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We are passionate about delivering modern, functional, unique electrical solutions to our customers.
We are experts in electrical solutions but we specialize in customer satisfaction.
Drewry Electrical has a contractor experience like no other. Right from the first time you call us, until our licensed electricians leave your home, we do everything we can to make your day. You can expect great communication, friendly people, and your questions answered.

Conscious of value, but committed to quality, we are a certified electrical company that provides anything from general wiring to emergency repairs with knowledgeable, professional service. Call us for more information!

Residential Services

Your home should have the perfect balance of ambience, featuring both bright lights and warmer areas.

As the Valleys most trusted residential electricians, Drewry Electrical can bring your home to life with our residential electrical services.

We can ensure your electrical systems are fully operational while creating an atmosphere that reflects the comfort of your home.

Commercial Services

Keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently is our top priority, that's why at Drewry Electrical we have electricians on staff here to serve you, so you can focus on serving your customers, and running your company.

From energy rebate programs, service calls, to renovations, the possibilities are endless. Put your trust in Drewry Electrical and we'll light up your world, so your clients can see you better!


Installing solar panels can save you thousands of dollars a year on energy bills. Relying on solar energy is also great for the environment and can minimize your carbon footprint by minimizing your reliance on the burning of fossil fuels.

Access your own source of clean energy with our solar panel installation service. The benefits are endless!

Infrared Inspections

Is your property' s electrical system safe? Unchecked, heat can build up from component age, fatigue, oxidation, wear, loose connections or poor installations, causing risk of fire.

Why Perform Inspections

Infrared inspections find hot spots on electrical equipments. Infrared thermography is used to find areas of excess heat (caused by increased resistance) so that problems can be corrected before a component fails.

In electrical systems, increased resistance can be caused by component age, fatigue oxidation, wear, loose connections or even poor installations of new equipment.

Let Drewry Electrical check your electrical system today!!