Electrical Safety
Your home is giving you signs that it’s having electrical issues. Some outlets are discoloured, even blackened. You’ve noticed sparks when unplugging an electrical device or when turning a light switch on or off. A breaker keeps tripping and is not resetting. A light switch has stopped working or lights are flickering.

It’s obviously time to call in the professionals but how do you know which electrician to invite into your home? Is there some way to know who to trust?

Drewry Electrical is a company that specializes in taking care of your everyday electrical repair needs so you can live without interruptions.

Our mission is to lead the residential electrical service industry in providing homeowners with exceptional work. We achieve this through the collaboration of experienced and innovative electricians and by using the latest and most efficient products.

We will ensure that the highest quality of industry standards is met, while creating inspirational and aesthetically pleasing environments through the use of original and creative illumination. Let us handle all of your residential electrical repairs, maintenance, installation, and new construction needs.